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Pork Back Ribs - Fully Cooked (20-24 oz) Half Case

Pork Back Ribs - Fully Cooked (20-24 oz) Half Case

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Serve as an entrée for lunch or dinner with French fries and vegetables or salad. Arrange on a platter with other proteins and/or dipping sauces. Can be eaten as is or flavored to your liking.

Pieces: 6 racks (3 x 2/pack)

Cooking Instructions
Keep ribs in pouch. Pouch can be prepared from thawed or frozen.
1. Submerge pouch in hot water (not boiling) until the meat is warm throughout.
2. Remove ribs from pouch and baste with sauce if desired.
3. Keep warm in oven or BBQ for added grill marking until ready to serve

Ingredients: Pork, brown sugar, molasses powder (molasses, maltodextrin), paprika, salt, spices, garlic, onion 


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