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We are Online Market of organic fruits, vegetables, juices and dried fruits. Visit our site of a complete list of exclusive we are stocking.

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Thanks for showing interest in our
Fund Forward Fundraiser!

We would love to share this opportunity with your group to raise funds. The products we offer are of the highest quality and most definitely a great value! Previous groups have told us they are an easy sell and very well received! Products available include such items as: AAA Steaks, Premium Burgers, Chicken, Salmon, Sushi, Shrimp, Cookies and much, much more. We're easy to work with and look forward to helping your group be as successful as possible in your fundraising initiatives.

  1. When you are ready to sign up click on link provided below.
  2. Enter all required information.
  3. Once information is entered a coordinator will contact you to confirm dates.
  4. When your webpage is ready a link will be sent to you.
  5. Your fundraiser will run for a predetermined period (typically, 2-3 weeks). A Fundraiser specialist will contact the group coordinator prior to the closing of the page. (Any outstanding balance is required before the final order is processed.)
  6. A date will be assigned approximately 2 weeks after closing date of the page for the group to receive their order.
  7. When your order is ready, the group coordinator will sign for the full order. Your group's profit cheque is also provided at this time.
  8. A spreadsheet and labels are provided to the group.
  9. Group coordinators are responsible to deal with all their members, whom in turn deliver to their customers.
  10. Enjoy your goods and your profit.