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Spring Rolls - Vegetable- 2.1 lb box

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The vegetable spring roll is named as such because it would use the new season's spring vegetables and was served at the Spring Festivals. Now this crispy multi-cultural favorite is served throughout the world all year long. The KAPOW Spring roll is made with a delectable mix of chopped vegetables and vermicelli, wrapped in a thin flour shell and deep fired to a delicious golden brown. Serve with your favorite sauce.

Box size: 2.1 lb

Pieces per case: 20 avg

Piece price $0.60


Ingredients – Wheat flour (wheat), cabbage, carrot, vegetable protein (soybean), vermicelli (mung bean, water), onion, sugar, salt, sesame oil, vegetable oil (palm oil)

Contains:  wheat, soy, sesame

Cooking Instructions: 

From Frozen: Pan fry by fill frying pan with 1/3 inch of oil, heat oil, place spring rolls in oil for 2 ½ minutes our until golden brown. Turn over and repeat. Cook until golden brown, then place on a plate with paper towel to absorb any excess oil. Let cool and enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce (plum or sweet chile sauce). Air fry by placing spring rolls in air fryer and cook for 7 minutes. Let cool and enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce (plum or sweet chile sauce). 


Nutritional Information:

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