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WILD Argentina Shrimp (1 lb) Raw 21-25

WILD Argentina Shrimp (1 lb) Raw 21-25

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Argentina Shrimp have a delicate texture and a sweet taste of the sea. These tender, wild, cold-water shrimps require minimal cooking and are beautiful just lightly grilled or sautéed in a pan over low heat.

  • Broken Shrimp are perfect for adding to Pasta dishes, chowders or seafood dishes
  • Shell off are made for presentation and are perfect for Cocktail Shrimp or adding to your favorite dish or eating on their own!
  • EZ Peel shrimp (shell on) are easy to peel as their shell has been cracked for you. Leaving the shrimp in the shell retains more of the shrimp’s flavour are especially great on the BBQ.
Case size: 1 lb bag

Ingredients: Shrimp, metabisulfite, sodium citrate, sodium carbonate.        
Contains: Shellfish, sulphites.



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